1300 N. College Ave.
Tempe, AZ.

June 15, 2019
12 pm - 3 pm

Admission $15


Tom Conwell


 "Prophecies, Pollution, and Plate Tectonics - The UFO Link"

Tom Conwell has been an Electronic Technician with the US Navy and Honeywell, Inc. for 42 years, a Honeywell Temperature Control, Fire Alarm and Security Software Specialist, Biomedical Engineer, is Fire Alarm Level II Certified, a Metrologist and HVAC Engineering resource.  Tom has a wide-ranging expertise with a keen awareness of physics, computer and internet software and a broad knowledge of electronics and how it intersects with the paranormal world and UFOs.

Tom studies databases as a Forensic Pattern Researcher.  Over the past three years, Tom has written three volumes of a book series (They Are Here, Volume 1, 2 & 3), self- published a collection of blogs (Going Interstellar?), has studied and researched UFO sighting reports from the US East Coast, the Central US, and the Western US and given speeches about each of these subjects. Tom has assembled a map of UFO sightings which has revealed many anomalies and is now an integral part of his research studies. Tom’s next book will be about what UFO sightings reveal about their technologies and should be completed around October of 2019.

Tom remains a vital scientific resource on Extreme Paranormal Encounter Response Team and embraces the wealth of information and theories that embody the title of UFOlogist.  Over the past three years, Tom has written an extensive collection of blogs based on aspects of UFOlogy, has published two volumes of a book series, third volume will be completed soon, completed a collection of blogs entitled Going Interstellar?, has studied and researched UFO sighting reports from the US East Coast, Central US, and the Western US soon and can talk about any or all of these subjects.












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