SATURDAY, October 22, 2016

Phoenix MUFON


Location and Time

Arizona Historical Society Museum

Steele Auditorium

2 pm - 5 pm

1300 N. College Ave, Tempe, AZ.
Admission $15









The 21st Century Discussion Between The Roman Catholic Church and The Scientific, Philosophical, Theological and Public Policy Communities Addressing The Profound Implications of the Up-Coming Discovery of Life Elsewhere in Our Universe.

The immediate-past Jesuit Director of The Vatican Observatory in Rome has now been authorized by The Vatican Academy of Science to teach the first course in history at the University level (at The Catholic University of Argentina) addressing “the profound philosophical & theological questions posed to our human family by our up-coming discovery of another highly-intelligent and highly-technologically-developed - but distinctly NON-human - species on one or more of the newly-discovered Exo-planets" – and this Jesuit priest is now “in residence” at The Jesuit School of Theology in Berkeley, California conducting research on this profound topic and is meeting with world experts on this subject. The topic of my October 22nd Phoenix MUFON Talk will be: "The Present Status - and Substance – of THE IMPORTANT DISCUSSION OF THE PROFOUND PHILOSOPHICAL & THEOLOGICAL QUESTIONS POSED TO OUR HUMAN FAMILY BY THE DISCOVERY OF INTELLIGENT LIFE ELSEWHERE IN OUR UNIVERSE." Our New Paradigm Institute in Berkeley, California has identified over a dozen academically-recognized and highly-qualified Scientific, Philosophical, Theological and Public Policy Experts to participate in this "Discussion." Phoenix MUFON will be the VERY FIRST to receive a First-Hand "briefing" as to the status and content of these discussions. This will be of high interest....and extraordinarily important. 




November 19, 2016


Forbidden Science:
UFOs and Religion




December 3, 2016



January 2017

to be announced


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