Thank you everyone for your support the past 16 years

Below you will see some of the world’s most dedicated men and women in the field of Ufology and related research. For years these pioneers have forged the way to understanding the physical as well as the nonphysical reality of our lives. As our knowledge and understanding improves, so too the need to rewrite the record of our historic past, adjusting the present popular opinions, answering the vital questions of who we are, why are we here, are we alone? These courageous men and women have been pulling back the curtain of deception and secrecy as they define a new interpretation of our place in the universe, regardless of opposition on all levels. Bar none, they are the heart, the mind, the eyes and ears of our modern generation.

Phoenix MUFON salutes these men and women for their hard work, their genius and overall bravery to stand up against vicious and unpopular opinions. As truth seekers they are the super heroes of open minded un-manipulated thinking. 

As we continue forward into 2024 we will not slow down, we are not giving up. Our dedication to the MUFON mission is sealed in our hearts.

The goal of education is the advancement of knowledge and the dissemination of truth. (John F. Kennedy)

Speakers past and present.


January : Nancy Rynes

February: David Paulides

March: Yvonne Smith

April: Dr. Lynne Kitei

May: David Marler

June: Derrel Sims

July: Randall Nickerson

August: Malava

September: Reed Summers

October: Donald Schmitt

November: Rich Hoffman

December: James Keenan


January : Mike Schratt

February: Jennifer Stein

March: James Keenan

April: Navajo Rangers, Marianne Robb, and Dave Rich

May: Michael Masters

June: No Meeting

July: Nick Pope

August: Don Booty

September: John Ramirez

October: Shane Hurd

November: Ella LeBain

December: Mike Ricksecker


January : James Keenan and Duane Ollinger

February: John Ramirez

March: David Hatcher Childress

April: James Vieira

May: David Marler

June: Katie Paige

July: Jim Goodall

August: Trey Hudson

September: David Paulides

October: Alejandro Rojas

November: Becky Solon

December: Paul Hynek


January : No Meeting - COVID

February: No Meeting - COVID

March: No Meeting - COVID

April: No Meeting - COVID

May: No Meeting - COVID

June: No Meeting - COVID

July: No Meeting - COVID

August: No Meeting - COVID

September: No Meeting - COVID

October: Stanley Milford Jr and Jonathan Dover

November: Clifford Mahooty

December: Bruce Comet


January : David Paulides

February: Yvonne Smith

March: No Meeting - COVID

April: No Meeting - COVID

May: No Meeting - COVID

June: No Meeting - COVID

July: No Meeting - COVID

August: No Meeting - COVID

September: No Meeting - COVID

October: No Meeting - COVID

November: No Meeting - COVID

December: No Meeting – COVID


January : Bryce Zabel

February: John Alexander

March: Thom Reed

April: David Marler

May: Cheryl Costa

June: Tom Cornwell

July: Irena Scott

August: James Keenan

September: Kevin Healy

October: Don Schmitt

November: James Keenan

December: Travis Walton


January : Paola Harris

February: Richard Dolan

March: Linda Moulton Howe

April: Raymond Szymanski

May: TL Keller

June: Robert Farrell

July: Don Booty

August: William Bramley

September: Clifford Mahooty

October: Marc D'Antonio

November: Kathleen Marden

December: George Knapp


January : David Hatcher Childress

February: Ben Hansen

March: Chase Kloetzke

April: Paul Stonehill

May: George Green

June: Suzy Hansen

July: Stanley Milford Jr and Jonathan Dover

August: Michael FreeHawk Polani

September: Nick Pope

October: Mike Bara

November: Don Schmitt

December: Barbara Lamb


January : John Greenewald

February: Jennifer Stein

March: Rebecca Hardcastle Wright

April: Linda Zimmerman

May: Ruben Uriarte

June: Jim Nichols

July: Michael JS Carter

August: Linda Moulton Howe

September: David Paulides

October: Daniel Sheehan

November: Joe Lewels

December: Alejandro Rojas


January : Richard Dolan

February: Robert Schroeder

March: Carol Rosin

April: Jan Harzan

May: Nick Redfern

June: Michael Schratt

July: Stanley Milford Jr and Jonathan Dover

August: Chase Kloetzke

September: David Hatcher Childress

October: Thom Reed

November: Marc D'Antonio

December: Sam Osmanagich


January : Grant Cameron

February: International UFO Congress

March: Paul Von Ward

April: David Paulides

May: Kathleen Marden

June: Travis Walton

July: Len Kasten

August: Jerry Wills

September: Kawaunee Lapseritis

October: Rebecca Hardcastle Wright

November: Don Schmitt

December: Alejandro Rojas


January : No Meeting

February: Grant Cameron

March: Nick Pope

April: David Hatcher Childress

May: Craig Campobasso

June: Michael Schratt

July: Stanton Friedman

August: Marc D'Antonio

September: James Fox

October: Paul Davids

November: Ben Hansen

December: Mike Bara


January : Kim Carlsberg

February: Yvonne R Smith

March: Robert Salas

April: Clifford Stone

May: Stanley Milford Jr and Jonathan Dover

June: Chris O'Brien

July: Peter Robbins

August: Bryce Zabel

September: David Paulides

October: James Penniston and John Burroughs

November: No Meeting

December: Clifford Mahooty


January : Jason Martell

February: Clifford Clift

March: Niara Isley

April: Travis Walton

May: Paola Harris

June: Michael Tellinger

July: Brooks Agnew

August: Richard Dolan

September: Stan Romanek

October: Don Schmitt

November: Suzanne Taylor

December: Robert Farrell